Calm during the Madness

Today I forced myself to get out for a brief walk in the park to give my body some much-needed exercise. The scenery did not disappoint! I’ve been writing a fair amount during my quarantining due to Covid-19 in NYC and social distancing, but today I needed a break. I hope the picture I took at my local park makes you happy!


Fly High! RDP: Sunday

Can’t is a word that I often said.

Can’t is a word that was stuck in my head.

Can’t was a cop-out,

A way to get by,

While letting life,

Pass me right by.

But what if I could,

Asks the engine inside.

What if I found,

I could no longer hide?

Then what would happen?

Would I look up at the sky?

Would I grab the opportunities

That were passing me by?

Would I fly like an eagle,

Or soar like a bird?

Or would I be afraid

They would think I’m absurd?

But if I’m like a bird

I belong in the sky.

Not stuck on the ground,

So eager to fly.

My wings are not broken,

They’re simply afraid,

But now I must try

For what I was made.



RDP Wednesday: Sunshine

Personally, I think of sunshine emotionally and physically. At this moment, as the situation in NYC becomes more and more tense with the virus (it’s even so slow that I’m able to write this post while at work), I take slight comfort in the fact that it has been sunny in the last couple of days. The air has been tense and distraught recently with the news, and with the sunshine the energy has lifted a bit. People are smiling a little. So here’s to sunshine. May it flourish in all of our hearts in this difficult time around the world.

RDP Movie

Just like a movie,

Life characters come and go.

Bringing something new to the story.

A turn, an event,

Something unexpected,

Something you never knew.

Something you never imagined,

Something you never dreamed.

Some leave an imprint on your heart.

Some make your belly ache with laughter.

Some do not.

Some stay.

Some go.

Regardless, everyone keeps moving.

Regardless, life keeps changing.

Regardless, you decide what kind of movie

You want your life to be.

You’re the set designer.

You’re the actor.

You’re the director.

What will you let go?

What will remain?

What will you create?

A New York Photography Story

A New York Photography Story

A New York Photography Story

A New York Photography Story

RDP Sunday: South Seas, An Ode

Bermuda, Bermuda,

On my mind.

Every day’til the end of time.

Your sand on my skin,

Your sea in my veins.

Your sun in my heart,

Always remains.

Your beautiful sunsets,

Your spirit so kind.

Your beaches are the perfect place

For me to unwind.


Ironically, I’ve only been to Bermuda once (and I know it’s not in the South Seas but I couldn’t stop myself). It left such a deep impression on me that I can’t keep away from it. I’m an outdoors girl, at heart, so I’m at home by the sea and the mountains, too. I can’t wait to go back!

Financial Education for the Average Joe

Have you ever come across a financial issue as an adult and thought to yourself “How-come I didn’t learn about this in high school? It would’ve been extremely valuable” and then struggled to wade through the information that’s out there to teach yourself. It can be overwhelming. In fact, for young and old folks alike, money management, knowledge, and skills are not always cut and dry. Using myself as a prime example of this, I wish I had taken the time to completely understand the ins and outs of credit cards and the fees involved.

I wish I had a notebook or resource about how to use it intelligently when I received my first credit card. Yes, I got the packet with the fine print, but I didn’t REALLY understand the whole thing. I skimmed it, like I’m sure many young people do. I didn’t understand the terms and so I gave up reading it because it felt so dense. Fast forward to last week. I did a poll of my co-workers and friends on Facebook to find out what they really want to know about money as a millennial. The answers were fascinating and varied. They wanted to know about the mindsets of different generations in regard to the cost of expensive brand name items versus off brand items. They wanted to know about investing. They wanted to know about workbooks and habits for spending and saving…I never thought about that before. It got me thinking: what resources are out there for adults and teens that would answer these questions at an early age? What I found was very interesting…to be continued…