So…I’ve been tooling around NYC for the last week now…and I’m constantly impressed with the street performances that I see. I mean, seriously, this city is so artistic and it is full of an abundance of talented people. While adventuring (and I do call it adventuring because walking around as a local and not a tourist is an entirely crazy trip) through Times Square I came across something…that I was hoping I’d come across the second I came to NYC anyway. See…I LOVE hip hop dancing…and I can’t wait to be surrounded by it as much as possible. Well…I came across this crew called “The Breakatronz” AND THEIR SUPER TALENTED! I mean, I have not seen the magnitude of tricks that they were pulling on the concrete in my lifetime. Flips, spins, jumps (while flipping…and over four people at a time…who were certainly standing up and not little children…). They perform sometimes around 41st and Times Square. They are FEARLESS and have the skills to show it. Check them out on facebook. Also, I was researching them…and this is what came up on youtube: