The Gig Economy Introduction

So here’s what I want to talk about: money…and how you can get some quickly while on your own terms. Everyone has something they’d change about their jobs, right? Same here, but the truth is that every job you have working for others is going to have something you don’t like. To be fair, many jobs have wonderful things about them, but at the end of the day answering to someone else is stressful. I hear ya. I am in the same boat with you and I want to share some information I think you’ll find helpful. Let’s talk about the gig economy and how it can benefit you.

The gig economy is extremely beneficial to a lot of large companies, and you know why? Gig jobs like Rover,com and Postmates are profitable for businesses because they don’t have to pay to provide any sort of benefits, and they’re not negatively effected if you work overtime. It’s a win-win for them. So, in other words, these companies are saving massive amounts of money and still receiving the end product that they desire. Some might argue that the gig economy is harmful to the worker because they have no benefits…but I think that depends on your perspective. You see, you’re already a step ahead by researching the gig economy options. Kudos to you, you made it this far! In my opinion, as someone who has been a part of the gig economy for the past few years, it is a great option. You just have to know how to structure and save your earnings so you’re not stuck with a massive tax bill (taxes are not automatically taken out) at the end of the year. Now back to the getting money quickly part.. Are you ready? Do you know what tool you can use to easily get a gig job? Hint: it’s probably what you’re using to read this piece right now. You don’t need much. You just need a smartphone with data or WiFi access to download and use the apps and a bank account that you can deposit your earnings into. That’s it! Pretty painless, right? Now…let’s talk about some jobs you might like to try your hand at.

  1. Do you like dogs? Me, too! In fact, I LOVE dogs. Their slobbery kisses, cute faces, abundant joy and never ending love melt my heart each and every day. I notice every dog everywhere I go. I can’t get enough of them. I have to give my love to all of them. I also love being my own boss, making my own hours, setting my own pay rate and only answering to myself. So what would the perfect side job be for me? Why, dog walking/pet sitting, of course; and that’s where Rover comes in. It is very easy to get started. All you have to do is head over to, fill out the preliminary application, agree to the background check, and set up your profile afterwards. Then it’s up to you. I’ve found that using the sharing tool on the website to promote my business on Craigslist is very beneficial.
  2. Do you like to exercise and get paid to do it? I’m a gym girl and I love getting outside and walking, so I don’t mind the extra exercise! Simply go to, follow the prompts, download the app, do the background check, get your post mates pre-paid card and a delivery bag and you’ll be making money in no time! There is a base pay per delivery and often times clients will tip a small amount. It is definitely worth it if you want to make a few extra dollars here and there.

With that, I’m signing off for the evening. Happy earning, entrepreneur!