RDP Friday: Canal

So, this is kind of interesting: canal. Way or route are the first two words that jump into my head when I think of the word canal, but interestingly enough, that brings me to something else. I recently got back from D.C. and while I was there I watched a program called “Assume the Position” by Robert Wuhl (“Arliss”). “Assume the Position” is all about how history is shaped by who writes it, and how often times the legend of a story becomes the fact in historical writing/teaching even though it is not truly a fact. There are several factors why, none of which make the legends actually true. This brings me to my next point: Columbus (and how route/canal are tied together in this case). Often times in American schools it is taught that Columbus was trying to prove that the earth is round with his voyage…but that is not actually the truth. Scientists and great thinkers had already proven that the earth was round…but what he really wanted was a faster trade route to India…Although I was already aware of this fact, I thought it was interesting to bring up in relation to the prompt because they fit so perfectly together. “Assume the Position” is also very funny and interesting, so I recommend you check it out! I get no kickbacks from advertising this, I just think you might enjoy it!