When I think about the word explosive I think about: Red, hot, fiery anger. Fireworks. Passion. Doggedly dedicated. Living in the world of your craft So much that the outside world Fades away. It’s just you and the paper. You and your musical instrument. You and your world. Nothing else can break your focus. You […]

Is New York City aesthetically¬†pleasing? Is it nice looking? Is it ugly? That all depends on who you ask, it seems. To me, the city is beautiful…but that’s because my idea of its beauty stems from everything that drives NYC. I’m here as a performer, and the energy is palpable in this city. You can […]

RDP Thursday: Nothing

Nothing. Empty space. Endless room. Endless possibilities. Endless… Assuming nothing… Blank slate. Leaves space for everything. For depths unknown, Adventures unseen. Knowledge unending. Smiles to be had. Hearts to be glad. Positivity can fill. Nothing. Possibilities abound…

Daylight…daylight, daylight, daylight. Daylight? How many ways can I say the word daylight? Could it be in a poem? Could it be in a narrative? A story? Or just in my random musings on the word? Personally, discovering what this word brings up for me is pushing me in the direction of doing a brain […]