RDP Friday: Empty

Huh. Empty.

That’s an interesting word.

If anything, I feel,

Anything but empty.

It’s weird.

I’m isolated right now,

For the most part,

As are many of us.

But empty?

Not so much.

It’s more like…

Filled with emotion.



Strength of personal bonds.

Support from loved ones.

Terror of the unknown.

Thoughts of unease.

Thoughts of love.

My heart is abuzz.

My brain is on fire.

But empty,

As you’d rightfully assume,

That I’d feel,

I don’t.

Maybe it’s because,

There are so many helpers out there.

Here’s to the helpers.

Here’s to the heroes.

Sacrificing their lives,

In order to save ours.

Daily Prompt: Thin

IMG-1698Thin, thin, thin…what to say about the word thin. Thin…body? Thin…paper? Thin…WHAT? Well, thin skin is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I never realized just…how okay life was going to be before. Reflecting on my past throughout this past month, I realized that many of the problems that used to scare me, terrify me, drive me crazy, are all things that eventually worked themselves out in one way, shape, or form. Things that seemed like the end of the world to me never were. My mother has often been the calm voice of reason, and the backbone of a lot of the support during those times. I realized, though, how great it feels to rely more on myself. I’ve also realized…that there is no one to be responsible for my situations but me…and it’s time to create a life, etc…and there’s no one else but me who really has the power to do it. It’s scary, but it’s also invigorating and exciting because my skin…is getting even thicker than before, and I’ve noticed growth in confidence because of that. So, my thought process is this: thin. What does thinking of the word thin remind me of? Thick. What does thick remind me of? People who fight every day with a smile on their face, who have confidence in themselves…who have a thick skin. About this I say: you, yes you reading this, your skin is probably thicker than you think. 🙂