6:20 am…That’s Dedication!

6:20 am...That's Dedication!

The lovely subway commuters at 6:20 in the morning…you’d think it was mid day!

Always Thinking, Always Observing…

So, my lovely blog readers, I’ve been gone for a few days…and what a wonderful few days it has been! It has certainly been an adventure! I got to do an acting project, which meant I was taken away from this bloggin’ business for many hours as my presence was needed on set. I did have a fair amount of time to think, observe, and enjoy many different facets of life while I was there, though, and I just want to update you on the adventures that I’ve been having. 


This first picture was taken early yesterday morning, at 6:20 am, while on the train…yes, people, performers do see the light of day in the morning! I was surprised, though. I thought I would be the only one on the long subway ride past Everybodyelseisstillsleepingville, but boy was I wrong. It turns out…this city certainly wakes up early! It got me thinking: where are all these people going so early in the morning? What are their jobs? It really put things into perspective for me. Many people make huge sacrifices in life to be successful…such as being at work at a very early hour…and they probably work many long hours as well. I’m really in this with everyone. It made me feel a sense of solidarity, but is that really the truth? Or is that feeling false? What do you think? Needless to say…my day was started off with this boost of energy that I wasn’t expecting to get from complete strangers…simply by them being in the same boat as me. Now that’s food for thought; gotta love New York City and it’s diverse, solidarity-loving crowd. I think I’ll stay. 🙂 

A Rogue Photographer

So…I think of myself as a rogue photographer…I mean, I love to catch life on film as it happens. Since I’ve moved here I’ve been inspired by so much daily beauty that I have over three hundred pictures just since mid April…yes, I’m that girl that takes out her camera everywhere she goes. I’ve noticed a trend, though: I like to catch people doing unique, and unabashedly independent things in which they’re not afraid to show their true spirit…Hence, the picture in my last post. While riding the A train home after a particularly difficult day, during which so many things went wrong or ground to a screeching halt…this exuberant group of friends literally bounded onto the train for one stop, and proceeded to share with the train their uninhibited selves. I immediately started smiling, and as they leapt out of the door, I quickly grabbed my camera and hurriedly asked if I could take their picture and put it on my blog. You can tell their excitement at the prospect of ending up on the internet, having been written about for solely being themselves! And then…they ran out the doors. Who knows where. I smiled for the rest of the night. 🙂 It reminded me that one teeny, tiny instant can completely lighten and brighten your day, so the unexpected and the hopeful can happen. 🙂

Don’t worry, though! I have a lot more pictures and stories to tell from my hiatus for this past week. 🙂

A Cute Little Restaurant In The Middle Of A Forest

A Cute Little Restaurant In The Middle Of A Forest

Wouldn’t you love to eat here? This is the sweetest little restaurant in the middle of Fort Tryon Park in New York, and I swear, every time I walk by there is a wedding or a fancy event going on. Maybe…I will get married there one day. I certainly hope so!

There Are Many Humans In New York…

Beautiful Story!!!!
Cute couple in Central Park!

I loved catching these two in a moment! I know, I know, I hope they’re okay with having a picture online! If they’re not I can take it down…but I thought it was very cute and I love to catch people in moments of true love and honesty…it always seems to tell a wonderful story. 🙂

Feel Like Answering A Quick Question?

I posted this once before…but I really am curious! So please answer as much as you like! 🙂


So…I’ve got a quick question for all of you. My personal story is interesting, but I want to know all about why YOU chose to follow your dreams. Are you in New York following your dream of being on Broadway? Or are you off somewhere else following a dream? I’m curious to read your answers and I’m very excited to know what makes you tick! And why, if you’ve been to the Big Apple, did you go there? Did you go there to find love? Or a job you’ve followed? 


Ciao Bellas! 


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The Adventures of a Musical Theatre Gal!

Sorry I’ve been off for a while. You see, life is so insane at the moment. I got a new job (which I’m studying for madly), and still trying to settle into life in nyc. I’ve gone on two auditions (only…and that’s sad) since I’ve moved here. They were both very interesting projects, though! Word of advice: apply for auditions 24/7…you won’t get many of them…but at least you’re getting your name out there and laying the groundwork for future auditions with those companies. Work on it. It will help. 🙂 Anywho, back from my tangent…I discovered the Hi-Line, Chelsea Market, Washington Square Park, and the West Village today and it was such a blast! I got to see a part of New York that I had not been to and it was wonderful! 🙂 I highly recommend taking a walk on the Hi-Line (an old railroad track located a few stories off the ground that has been made into a walking park) as the flowers are coming into bloom now. There’s lots of photography options out there as the colors are so beautiful right now and I couldn’t help but want to take pictures of all the beauty!

I love Hip Hop Dance…and these guys are truly amazing…

So…I’ve been tooling around NYC for the last week now…and I’m constantly impressed with the street performances that I see. I mean, seriously, this city is so artistic and it is full of an abundance of talented people. While adventuring (and I do call it adventuring because walking around as a local and not a tourist is an entirely crazy trip) through Times Square I came across something…that I was hoping I’d come across the second I came to NYC anyway. See…I LOVE hip hop dancing…and I can’t wait to be surrounded by it as much as possible. Well…I came across this crew called “The Breakatronz” AND THEIR SUPER TALENTED! I mean, I have not seen the magnitude of tricks that they were pulling on the concrete in my lifetime. Flips, spins, jumps (while flipping…and over four people at a time…who were certainly standing up and not little children…). They perform sometimes around 41st and Times Square. They are FEARLESS and have the skills to show it. Check them out on facebook. Also, I was researching them…and this is what came up on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rY1eF_JOkY

What Scares New Yorkers? You’d Be Surprised at the Answer…

So some of you may have seen the video that’s currently going around on facebook about the rat on the train. Or not? I was surprised to find out (on my first day in New York) that New Yorkers…who are very tough (or the stereotype of them, at least), are very frightened of…rats??? Apparently a rat snuck its way onto a subway and was running around. Cue all the people on the subway jumping up on their seats, screaming, being terrified, etc. Now, I know that NYC rats are a whole different ballgame than others, probably, and I, for one, am certainly not a huge fan of rodents in general, but…really? For your own pleasure…here is the video! Btw, I just think it’s funny. No meanness or anything intended, just a tad of a laugh.