So…I think of myself as a rogue photographer…I mean, I love to catch life on film as it happens. Since I’ve moved here I’ve been inspired by so much daily beauty that I have over three hundred pictures just since mid April…yes, I’m that girl that takes out her camera everywhere she goes. I’ve noticed a trend, though: I like to catch people doing unique, and unabashedly independent things in which they’re not afraid to show their true spirit…Hence, the picture in my last post. While riding the A train home after a particularly difficult day, during which so many things went wrong or ground to a screeching halt…this exuberant group of friends literally bounded onto the train for one stop, and proceeded to share with the train their uninhibited selves. I immediately started smiling, and as they leapt out of the door, I quickly grabbed my camera and hurriedly asked if I could take their picture and put it on my blog. You can tell their excitement at the prospect of ending up on the internet, having been written about for solely being themselves! And then…they ran out the doors. Who knows where. I smiled for the rest of the night. 🙂 It reminded me that one teeny, tiny instant can completely lighten and brighten your day, so the unexpected and the hopeful can happen. 🙂

Don’t worry, though! I have a lot more pictures and stories to tell from my hiatus for this past week. 🙂