An ode to Poke…in photo form…



Let’s Talk About…Random Tuesdays in NYC

I love discovering new, neat little places in NYC; my own corners of the world, if you think about it. I mean, in NYC it’s more like my own corner of the world…plus everyone else’s (but that’s not a bad thing). Finding my favorite places makes NYC feel homey and familiar in a city that is constantly growing and changing. A favorite view, a tranquil spot, good company, a fun atmosphere, it all amounts to something special, doesn’t it? What’s one of the first things that you imagine when you first think of NYC? Coffee makes the cut, in my opinion. It’s one of those many iconic things about the city; New Yorkers bustling around, running from here to there, cell phone in one hand and…coffee in the other. So where do these city dwellers go for that cup? Many head to Starbucks (myself included), but on the rare occasion that I’ve got free time I head to my favorite place. It’s comfy, it’s got a homey and inviting feel, the staff is super friendly, and I could go on and on. It’s a generally relaxing atmosphere, and it is where I’m spending a nice Tuesday afternoon before the madness of work tonight. Plus…the coffee is tasty and the seats are plentiful and comfy. I hope you are as lucky as me to find your favorite places, and I truly recommend that you try out any of the Manhattanville locations because, you know, all of the things I listed above!

Daily Prompt: Sleeve

Oh boy…I know I’m a bit late to the page today, but what can I say? I had to work! Now, on to the story brought on by today’s prompt. What in the world could there be to say about the word sleeve? It’s…not exactly that inspiring…so when I was thinking about it this morning I tried to envision all of the different things that sleeve could mean. There’s shirt sleeves, cd sleeves…tattoo sleeves…TATTOO SLEEVES! YES! That was the idea! Then that led me to this…my boyfriend loves his tattoos (they’re really meaningful and awesome…for the most part)…and that reminded me of the time that I spent with him this weekend. While at an event on Sunday where we were serving coffee, tea, cookies, etc., an elder gentleman was complaining that the coffee was way too hot (for the record, it was at a very nice temperature and there were no other complaints) and that the organization should focus more on getting some…sleeves…SLEEVES! YES! THAT’S WHAT I SHOULD WRITE ABOUT! COFFEE! So then BAM! Next thing I know, I’m enjoying a nice meal at the cutest restaurant in my neighborhood, sipping a latte (and also realizing how maybe I’m not that into lattes and I should get something else next time), drinking o.j., and eating the most amazing pancakes with berries and rum infused whipped cream I have ever had in my life. It’s seriously making me hungry right now. I had a wonderful lunch, and I realized that…I don’t need to write about the word sleeve, but to share my fun story from today. I mean, who doesn’t want to spend a few moments enjoying the sunshine while on a bar stool, drinking coffee and eating awesome food? I know I loved it, and I hope you’ve had a great day too!