RDP Daily Prompt “Reduce”

Ha ha, the first thought that popped into my head about the word reduce is noise reduction. Then my brain went to noise-reducing headphones and finally landed at noise-cancelling headphones. I’m sitting in a Starbucks coffee shop. I live in New York City, so I guess that’s not much of a surprise! The sirens, the car horns, the city’s hum, it’s vibrant and alive. The fervor of this bustling city is infectious and beautiful, but thank goodness for the small modicum of peace and tranquility that noise-cancelling headphones can bring. I LOVE MINE! They provide a momentary escape! I think that’s key: reducing excess stuff to get out of your own way. There are many ways in which we can do this, it doesn’t just have to be headphones. Headphones are a great place to start though!