Feel Like Answering A Quick Question?

Feel Like Answering A Quick Question?.

Feel Like Answering A Quick Question?

So…I’ve got a quick question for all of you. My personal story is interesting, but I want to know all about why YOU chose to follow your dreams. Are you in New York following your dream of being on Broadway? Or are you off somewhere else following a dream? I’m curious to read your answers and I’m very excited to know what makes you tick! And why, if you’ve been to the Big Apple, did you go there? Did you go there to find love? Or a job you’ve followed? 


Ciao Bellas! 


Subways: and how NOT to use them…

Note to self: when on the B Line heading uptown to Washington Heights from Harlem…make sure to get off at the 125th, 145th, or generally a stop where you can transfer to the A train. If you don’t (because you weren’t paying enough attention when you KNEW you had to get off at the 125th stop but you were listening to music)..you will miss the entire transfer to the right train, end up in the Bronx very far from where you need to be, and inevitably miss your dance class at BDC because you ran out of time to get your dance clothes from home…yes…that was the lesson learned in New York today. I bet tomorrow train riding will be easier! I also learned that it is possible to get a phenomenal haircut and eyebrow job (which didn’t hurt because they used a razor instead of wax…I’d never heard of that) for fifty dollars or less and the service is amazing. I couldn’t be happier with the product I received while getting to practice my Spanish. I will certainly be returning to “Honey” Salon in Harlem because they are so kind! 

Well, Bellas, if I have any other great things to talk about today, I will! But for now…wish me luck on my two job interviews tomorrow! 


Ciao y Salud, 


Hello, and Welcome To My Blog! I hope you have fun reading!

Hello lovely, wonderful, friends and family! First and foremost, I want to thank you all for going on this incredible journey and encouraging me all the way! I’m not much of a writer…but I thought this could be kind of a fun project: documenting my experiences in NYC through video and blog. It’s a creative outlet, of sorts, and I’m very excited! So please…follow along…enjoy the pics…ask questions and interact in any way that you would like. Hopefully if you move to New York this blog will be a big help to you in finding the best places to go and fun people to connect with!


I will certainly post pics of my neighborhood and apartment as soon as I am able to. For now, I still need to set up my room and get a tad more settled. My roommies seem very sweet. 🙂

I’m very excited to say that today I will be attending my first dance class at Broadway Dance Center and I get to see my friend Jess there who I have not seen in over a year and a half (since we danced at Cleo’s). The class is with a Tony-award winning (or nominated, I’m not sure) choreographer and is a musical theatre dance class. Eeep!!!!!! I’m a little nervous, so please wish me luck! :))))

Ciao and Cheers Bellas!