Daily Prompt: Assume

You know, there’s something funnIMG-1698y about assumptions (and I say that in an ironic way, with a chuckle of sarcastic laughter). It’s funny because you think that you know the answer to something (anything, really), and in the end you sometimes make an ass of u and me. Get it? I’ve assumed many things in my life. I’m not proud of it, but it’s true for all of us, I’m sure. Today I assumed that I was going to make a certain amount of money at work. Well…I got cut from my shift early and ended up having most of the day off. So…I assumed wrong. What I didn’t assume was that I’d get to enjoy the day eating ice cream, blogging, and playing piano! But…now back from my momentary tangent. While thinking about this prompt, I couldn’t come up with any positive thoughts about the word assume. I also realized that duh, not everything has to be spun in a positive way, but that’s another story for another day. I do want to tell you something about assumptions, though…

They can limit us. As I said, I have assumed many times in life, and usually it’s been about my own abilities as a performer or how an audition will feel or turn out. You see, two days ago I had a casting for something that I’d never tried before: fit modeling. I’m not sure how many of you know what fit modeling is (it’s different than fitness modeling), or maybe I’m entirely wrong and you do. Fit models are those confident souls that stand in while a company or a designer checks to see how their clothing will appear on a certain size and body type of person. It feels like the ultimate body confidence test because you go in and they measure so much of you. It’s like being completely on display and vulnerable to the other person in the room and their opinions. Knowing this, I went into the experience concerned that I would feel insecure because, let’s face it, there’s a lot of unrealistic, unhealthy, negative body requirements and opinions in the modeling industry. It’s true. There’s a lot of horror stories about judgement and I was a bit worried that I would feel judged…but I tried it anyway. I didn’t want my assumptions about what might happen to limit me because there have been so many things that I’ve allowed myself to miss out on. Honestly, I also prepared myself emotionally so that I would deal productively and confidently if any negativity did come my way. I mean, I was not interested in letting anyone else hold sway over my own opinions of my body.

I was so pleasantly surprised when I walked into that office! This woman could not have been more sweet! She was kind, engaging, social, and I felt very comfortable. She created an atmosphere that was enjoyable. It meant the world to me. It’s clear that she’s aware of how uncomfortable that sort of situation can be, and she did a very good job making the experience something I would do again. I’m absolutely not saying that everyone should try things that make them feel uncomfortable. I feel that is entirely a personal journey and each persons’ choices are solely for them to decide about. This choice was right for me. Would it be right for someone else? I don’t know, maybe so, maybe not. Everyone is different, which is one of the reasons that it is always important not to assume anything about others. I’m glad, in this one instance, that I stepped out of my own personal bubble and allowed myself to experience something positive and to meet a new person. Remember…your own opinion of what is right or wrong for you is simply yours and not one for anyone else to decide. Self confidence and self love is important. Don’t assume that you are not exactly what the world needs, because many times you might surprise yourself!


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Hello lovely people! I am a recent transplant to New York City, and I would love to share my adventures with you! Please don't hesitate to communicate with me about any of my blog posts. A bit about me: I received my BFA in Music Theatre from Metropolitan State University of Denver and have always wanted to move to New York City to pursue my dream of being on Broadway...so follow me as I share my journey with you!

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