Creativity and Passion

Since I jumped back into working on my blog with much more consistency than I have in the past, I thought about what things I could write about (or simply post about) that would be inspiring to me and the cyber world as well, and I’ve always been a big fan of inspiration in art. This picture speaks volumes to me. You see, I recently convinced myself (and I’m still convincing myself) to get involved with opportunities I had previously halted because I stopped seeing the value in them. I stopped seeing the possibility in them. Don’t worry, the projects in question are not this blog!

In the past few weeks I have been doing a lot of reflecting and forward thinking as well. How can I envision the future I want and make it happen? I’ve got to keep myself inspired!  I like to post about things/places/subjects that inspire people to recognize passion in themselves and others in the form of pieces of art/unique things that I witness. It could be the littlest, most random thing that I come across in my life, or a great piece of art like the one below. In fact, I wasn’t expecting to be inspired  on the day that I took this picture, but I was wrong! This piece of art was found in the “Yes We Can” Community Center in Westbury, NY. Take a closer look at it. It’s beautiful. Someone put a lot of heart and love into this piece and I really appreciate it. I hope you do, too! And remember, try to be grateful and inspired by the things which appear small, yet hold such importance. I know I will try and do the same!

P.S. Look close at the labels that were used to make this work!

Look close…



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  1. I love this post. The piece of art obviously took a lot of effort and progress to turn out how it had. I enjoy it a lot


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