Seriously…Shut Up and Take My Money!

Seriously…shut up and take my money! As I said in my last post…I’ve been up to a few things since I wrote to you a while ago…I mean, sometimes I feel like the energizer bunny…I’m always running here and there with work, auditions, classes, friends, seeing shows, etc. I am so happy that I get to live in this bustling city! I mean, there are things to do every night of the week. You could go to an art gallery, then see local musicians at a hole-in-the-wall cute restaurant with a stage…all while chatting with your best gal pals! My friends and I like to go eat after our classes and we’ve even made a tradition of it almost every week! Aside from all the fun…I’m also working tons…but I’m trying to expand my horizons so that I have MORE time to audition, MORE time to go to classes, and MORE time to see the lovelies I call friends (and my amazing boyfriend too).

I always thought that when I got to NYC I had to get a job waiting tables or nannying, rely on people’s tips and generosity, slug it out, and then have the energy to audition as well. Turns out…there are tons of us who do that. I really feel like there should be a course in college theatre majors that has to do with the business of ACTUALLY BEING a successful artist. I mean, ACTING and BEING AN ACTRESS are two very different things. There’s this guy, his name is Bones Rodriguez, and I came across his book “No More Waiters” online one day. Seriously…the man started earning income with his online presence while being able to rehearse and do what he ACTUALLY loves…the acting part of the business! So…I bought the book…and you would not believe that options that have opened up for me since then. I’m finding out about really unique ways of making money that I never knew about…and weirdly enough, it’s caused me to get more involved with learning about things that will definitely help me navigate the business world of the theatre more successfully.


So…it took me a while to get a hold of this book that I wanted for a long time. That’s because it was sold out on…but now it’s back in stock so you should check it out and buy a copy because it may not last long! Here’s the direct link:


P.S. While you’re there…don’t forget that Lin-Manuel Miranda has a new book coming out and you can pre-order it! Seeing as the Broadway show “Hamilton” is sold out so often and is such a smash hit, I wouldn’t wait! Here’s the link for it! 🙂




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