The Savvy City and How To Get By

So…who’s ever been in financial trouble? Our generation seems to be plagued by a never ending circus of bills that pile up, one on top of the other; ever antagonizing you. Sound familiar? I’m definitely a victim of this…so recently I got fed up with the system and having very little control over my money. After all, I did work for it, right? So I figured it was about time that I took responsibility for my finances. So here goes: my very intelligent boyfriend told me about Capitol One 360 Savings…and after researching it…I decided to sign up…it has a .75% APY interest rate…so, for the first time…I’ll have the opportunity to see my savings really grow…We will see how it works out! There are no minimums and a much higher interest rate than my current situation…so I encourage anyone of my generation to take a look at solely online banks because you may be able to save a lot more via this option…but be sure and research it before doing anything!!!!!!


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Hello lovely people! I am a recent transplant to New York City, and I would love to share my adventures with you! Please don't hesitate to communicate with me about any of my blog posts. A bit about me: I received my BFA in Music Theatre from Metropolitan State University of Denver and have always wanted to move to New York City to pursue my dream of being on follow me as I share my journey with you!

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